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CK1.1developmental tidbits..and what you can do to connect

Your Toddler’s Development From 12 to 15 Months

What Your Baby Can Do/ What You Can Do to Connect With Your Baby


I’m moving!

  • I can walk on my own by holding your hand.

  • I am learning to crawl up stairs but can’t come down yet.

  • I can throw a ball and turn pages in books.

  • Give your child just enough help to reach his goal. If he wants to stand, let him hold your fingers for balance.

  • Encourage your child to turn the pages when you read together.

  • Support your child as he practices new skillslike stair-climbing. Children need time to work on these new skills…safely!


I’m starting to talk and understand so much more.

  • I may use some words like “dudu” for “dog.”

  • I can show you what I want through my actions. I may bang my high chair when I want more food.

  • If you ask me to, I can point to a body part or a picture in a book.

  • Choose books about things that interest your child. Children often like books about kids their age doing things they like to do.

  • Build your child’s vocabulary. If she points to or says “bus,” you can say: The school bus is driving down the street.

  • Name the people, places, and things that your child sees each day: That’s a garbage truck taking our trash.

  • Play games that involve following directions: Throw the ball to me.


I want to do more for myself.

  • I say “no” or show you in other ways that I have my own ideas and want to do things on my own.

  • Involve your child in self-help tasks like washing his hands.

  • Follow your child’s lead. Let him choose what toys or games to play.


I love to imitate.

  • I copy actions I’ve seen other people do, like stir a pot or talk on the phone.

  • Join in your child’s play. If you see her putting a blanket on her toy bear, you might ask: Does Teddy need a bottle before bed?

  • Give her objects that she sees in “real life,” like play dishes, a toy telephone, a small dust broom.

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