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Current health care and education systems are challenged to provide intervention of adequate intensity that is shown to be effective for toddlers with ASD. Services delivered by professionals within IDEA Part C average 2 to 3 hours/week.

Early Social interaction incorporates evidence based active ingredients implemented by parents in natural environments while maintaining professional time comparable to that of current Part C systems, increasing the potential for community viability. Although there may be a narrow window of time for effectiveness of this approach, the potential to identify children with ASD by 18-24 months is within our reach.

Availability of community-viable treatments for toddlers with ASD makes the recommendations of the Council on Children with Disabilities for collaboration of primary care and Part C systems possible and offers promise for addressing existing health disparities in access to Early Intervention.

"Parent- Implemented Social Intervention for Toddlers with Autism: An RCT

Amy M. Wetherby, Whitney Guthrie, Julian Woods, Christopher Schatschneider, Renee D Holland, Lindee Morgan and Catherine Lord

Pediatrics; originally published online November 3, 2014"


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